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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Monday Morning 1

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0800 A11B CC Hall E Atmospheric Sciences General Contributions Posters

Presiding: N Andronova, University of Michigan; J J Bates, NOAA
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0800 A11B-01 CC Hall E Experimental Determination of the Ammonium Sulfate/Maleic Acid/Water Solid/Liquid Ternary Phase Diagram
*J R Schroeder, K Beyer
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0800 A11B-02 CC Hall E Anomalous Transmission of Infrasound Through Air-Water and Air-Ground Interfaces
*O A Godin
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0800 A11B-03 CC Hall E Atmospheric Concentrations, Gas/Particle Partitioning And Exposure Risk Of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) At Background, Rural Village And Urban Sites In The North China Plain
*W Wang, S Simonich, J Zhao, M Xue, W Wang, S Tao
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0800 A11B-04 CC Hall E Local and Regional Influences on Atmospheric Nutrient Deposition in Southeast Brazil
*A G Allen, C M Machado, A A Cardoso
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0800 A11B-05 CC Hall E First Gobal Observations of Groundstate CO2 in the MLT by ACE: Observations and Analysis Using CMAM Model Results
*S R Beagley, C D Boone, V I Fomichev, J Jin, K Semeniuk, J C McConnell, P F Bernath
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0800 A11B-06 CC Hall E Mineral Dust: Modeling and Measurements
*H Wu, J McConnell
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0800 A11B-07 CC Hall E Aerosols Collected at a Tropical Marine Environment: Size-Resolved Chemical Composition Using IC, TOC, and Thermal-Optical Analyses
*F Morales-García, O L Mayol-Bracero, M Repollet-Pedrosa, A Kasper-Giebl, C Ramírez-Santa Cruz, H Puxbaum
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0800 A11B-08 CC Hall E Quantitative Assessment of Upstream Source Influences on TGM Observations at Three CAMNet Sites
*D Wen, J C Lin, F Meng, P K Gbor, Z He, J J Sloan
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0800 A11B-09 CC Hall E New independent software packages based on the MODIS aerosol algorithms
*S Mattoo
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0800 A11B-10 CC Hall E Atmospheric Particulate Metals and Metalloids in Lake Ontario Region 2005-2007
*H K Wong, P Blanchard, D Muir
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0800 A11B-11 CC Hall E Applying A Lagrangian Dispersion Analysis With Different Parameterizations Of Turbulence Statistics To Infer Carbon Dioxide And Latent Heat Fluxes In A Corn Canopy
*S Eduardo, C Wagner-Riddle, J Warland
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0800 A11B-12 CC Hall E On the temporal scale of the turbulent exchange of carbon dioxide and energy above a tropical rain forest in Amazonia
*J Campos Sr., O Acevedo Sr.J Tota, C Yi
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0800 A11B-13 CC Hall E Measurement and Correlation of Ambient VOCs in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan, USA
*L J Miller, H You, X Xu, S Molaroni, L Lemke, L Weglicki, H Krouse, R Krajenta
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0800 A11B-14 CC Hall E Atmospheric Aerosols in the Guánica Dry Forest
*L J Colón-Cresp, O L Mayol-Bracero, P Formenti, F Mazzei
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0800 A11B-15 CC Hall E A Hybrid Regularization for Remote Determination of Atmospheric Aerosol Distribution from Multi-Frequency Optical Measurements
*S Lim, J Shin
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0800 A11B-16 CC Hall E Atmospheric Chemistry of Perfluorobutenes
*C J Young, S A Mabury
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0800 A11B-17 CC Hall E Analyzing the Potential Impact of a New Wastewater Treatment Process on the Global Tropospheric Nitrous Oxide Abundance using STELLA Modeling
*M J Cossairt, V S Connors, J C Meyers
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0800 A11B-18 CC Hall E Estimation of Carbon Dioxide Emission from Soil Physical and Hydrological Properties
*F Abbas, A Fares
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0800 A11B-19 CC Hall E Photochemical Reaction of Oxidized Mercury Species with Selected Thiols and its Environmental Implications
*L Si, P Ariya
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0800 A11B-20 CC Hall E Measurements of Pollution In The Troposphere (MOPITT): Long-Term Measurements of Carbon Monoxide Across the Globe
*J R Drummond, J C Gille, M Deeter, D Edwards, J Kar, F Nichitiu, J Zou
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0800 A11B-21 CC Hall E Historical Trends of Trace Metals in Lake Sediments From Adirondack Park, New York
*K Swami, C D Judd, A J Khan, A Bari, T Ahmed, L Husain
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0800 A11B-22 CC Hall E Surface Climate Effects due to Changing Estimates of Century-Scale Solar Variability
*H J Andres, W R Peltier
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