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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Monday Morning 1

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0800 A11C CC Hall E Frontiers in Measurement Techniques and Laboratory Studies for Observations of Atmospheric Composition and Chemistry Poster Session IV Posters (joint with CG, IN, GC, H, P, SA)
Presiding: J Murphy, University of Toronto; H Osthoff, University of Calgary; H Al-Abadleh, Wilfrid Laurier University
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0800 A11C-01 CC Hall E Spectroscopic Studies on the Photochemical transformation of Tannic Acid as a Model for HULIS in Atmospheric Aerosols
*S Cowen, H A Al-Abadleh
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0800 A11C-02 CC Hall E Measurements of Total Alkyl and Peroxy Nitrate Abundance by Thermal Dissociation Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (TD-CRDS)
*D Paul, A Furgeson, H D Osthoff
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0800 A11C-03 CC Hall E Measurements of Nitrous Acid in Southern Ontario, Canada
*J J Wentzell, C L Schiller, G W Harris
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0800 A11C-04 CC Hall E A Novel Experimental Setup for Determination of Atmospheric Ammonia Fluxes Using a Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer.
R van Haarlem, *E Pattey, R Ellis, J G Murphy
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0800 A11C-05 CC Hall E Ground-based Tropospheric Measurements of CH4, C2H6, N2O and CO over Toronto and Comparisons with the GEOS-Chem Model
*C Whaley, J R Taylor, D B Jones, K Strong
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0800 A11C-06 CC Hall E Retrieval of CO Mixing Ratios From the Atmospheric Emission Spectra of Down-Welling Middle IR Radiance in Oklahoma.
*L N Yurganov, W McMillan, C Wilson, M Fischer, S C Biraud, P C Novelli
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0800 A11C-07 CC Hall E Compound Specific Concentration and Stable Isotope Ratio Measurements of Atmospheric Particulate Organic Matter and Gas Phase Nitrophenols
*R Busca, M Saccon, S Moukhtar, J Rudolph
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0800 A11C-08 CC Hall E Sampling Method and Experimental Procedure for Stable Carbon Isotope Ratio Measurements of VOC
*A Kornilova, L Huang, J Rudolph
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0800 A11C-09 CC Hall E A New Technology for Elimination of Isobaric Interferences in Ultra-Sensitive Isotope Measurements
*J Eliades, X Zhao, T Litherland, L Kieser, L Cousins, J Ye
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