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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Monday Morning 1

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0800 A11D CC 714A Tropical Convection: Observations, Theory, High-Resolution Modeling, and Parameterization I

Presiding: J Neelin, UCLA; D Randall, Colorado State University
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0800 A11D-01 CC 714A What can Cloud-Resolving Models Tell us About Critical Phenomena in Atmospheric Precipitation?
*S K Krueger, A K Kochanski
INVITED    [Abstract]
0815 A11D-02 CC 714A Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC)
M W Moncrieff, *D E Waliser
0830 A11D-03 CC 714A Multi-resolution Cascade Simulations of an MJO Event
*C E Holloway, S Woolnough
0845 A11D-04 CC 714A Simulations of Convective Storms in Low CAPE, High Shear Environments
*C Kirkpatrick, E W McCaul Jr
0900 A11D-05 CC 714A Dynamical processes on top of penetrative tropical deep convective clouds
*P K Wang, S Su
0915 A11D-06 CC 714A The Impact of Multi-scale Representation of Tropical Convection on the Simulation of Tropical Variability
C Stan, C A Demott, M Khairoutdinov, *J L Kinter III, R A David
0930 A11D-07 CC 714A Convection in a parametrized and super-parametrized model and its role in the representation of the MJO
*H Zhu, H Hendon, C Jakob
[WITHDRAWN]    [Abstract]
0945 A11D-08 CC 714A Statistical Evaluation of CRM-Simulated Cloud and Precipitation Structures Using Multi-sensor TRMM Measurements and Retrievals
*D Posselt, T L'Ecuyer, T Matsui

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