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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Monday Morning 2

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1030 A12A CC 714A Tropical Convection: Observations, Theory, High-Resolution Modeling, and Parameterization II

Presiding: J Neelin, UCLA; M Moncrieff, NCAR
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1030 A12A-01 CC 714A Linear response functions of cumulus ensembles to temperature and moisture perturbations
*Z Kuang
INVITED    [Abstract]
1045 A12A-02 CC 714A An Observational Case Study of a Convectively Coupled Tropical Wave
*M Zhang
1100 A12A-03 CC 714A Energy Sources for Madden-Julian Oscillations
*L Zhou, R Murtugudde
1115 A12A-04 CC 714A A one-dimensional cloud model with trimodal convective outflow
*I Folkins
1130 A12A-05 CC 714A Mesoscale convective systems and critical clusters
*O Peters, J D Neelin, S Nesbitt
1145 A12A-06 CC 714A Critical Roles of the Stratiform Rainfall in Sustaining the Madden-Julian Oscillation: GCM Experiments
*J X Fu, B Wang
1200 A12A-07 CC 714A Effects of Entrainment on Closure Assumptions in Convection Parameterization
*G Zhang, X Song
1215 A12A-08 CC 714A The transition to strong convection in observations and models
*J D Neelin, K Hales, O Peters, B Lintner, T Baijun, C Holloway, R Neale, H Hsu

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