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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 A13B CC 714A Tropical Convection: Observations, Theory, High-Resolution Modeling, and Parameterization III

Presiding: D Randall, Colorado State University; M Moncrieff, NCAR
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1400 A13B-01 CC 714A Diagnosing low-level wind-moisture-precipitation relationships along tropical convective margins
*B R Lintner, J D Neelin
1415 A13B-02 CC 714A Moisture Sources for Central America: A Lagrangian analysis Method Application
*A M Duran-Quesada, L G Presa, J Amador, R Nieto
1430 A13B-03 CC 714A Design of a Vector-Vorticity Dynamical Core on a Hexagonal Grid (Hex-VVDC)
*C S Konor, R P Heikes, J Jung, D Randall, A Arakawa
1445 A13B-04 CC 714A Examining how land surface effects modulate rainfall in the eastern Amazon Basin
*D Fitzjarrald, J P Cohen
1500 A13B-05 CC 714A Observed Self-Similarity of Precipitation Regimes Over the Tropical Oceans
*G S Elsaesser, C D Kummerow
1515 A13B-06 CC 714A Free Thermal Convection Inside A Stably Stratified Fluid:A Study By Means Of Three Dimensional Particle Tracking Velocimetry
*A Cenedese, V Dore, M Moroni
1530 A13B-07 CC 714A Convective Sources of Gravity Waves from US High Resolution Radiosonde Data
J Gong, *M A Geller
1545 A13B-08 CC 714A Atmospheric Wind Spectral Gap: Comparison between Fourier and Wavelet Spectra
*N Krusche

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