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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 A14B CC 713A Characterization of Air Pollution and Its Interactions With Weather and Climate in East Asia Before, During, and After the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games I (joint with CG, B, IN, GC)
Presiding: G A Morris, Valparaiso University; E Celarier, UMBC/GEST
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1630 A14B-01 CC 713A Unique characteristics of regional and urban ozone formation in China
*Y Wang, C Zhao, Z Liu, D Gu, L Huey, R Stickel, J Liao, A Amoroso, F Costabile, I Allegrini, M Shao, T Zhu, J Zheng, K Bowman, P Hamer
INVITED    [Abstract]
1650 A14B-02 CC 713A Pollution, Climate and Their Potential Interactions in China
*Z Li
INVITED    [Abstract]
1710 A14B-03 CC 713A Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds and Gaseous Sulfuric Acid During the 2008 CAREBEIJING Campaign
*R Zhang, J Zheng, M Hu, T Zhu
INVITED    [Abstract]
1730 A14B-04 CC 713A Measurement of Urban Air Quality by an Open-Path Quantum Cascade Laser Absorption Spectrometer in Beijing During Summer 2008
*A P Michel, P Q Liu, J K Yeung, Y Zhang, M L Baeck, X Pan, H Dong, Z Wang, J A Smith, C F Gmachl
1750 A14B-05 CC 713A Atmospheric Particulate Matter Pollution During The 2008 Beijing Olympics
*W Wang, T Primbs, S Tao, T Zhu, S M Simonich
1810 A14B-06 CC 713A Air Quality Measurements from Satellites during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics
*J C Witte, M Schoeberl, A Douglass, J Gleason, N Krotkov, J Gille, K Pickering, N Livesey

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