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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 A21A CC Hall E The Stratosphere and Climate Change II Posters (joint with CG, IN, GC, NG, P, SA)
Presiding: T Shepherd, University of Toronto; M Geller, State University of New York
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0800 A21A-01 CC Hall E Lower Latitude Contribution to the Extratropical Ozone Budget Through Laminar Transport
*M A Olsen, A R Douglass, M R Schoeberl, J M Rodriquez, Y Yoshida
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0800 A21A-02 CC Hall E Seasonal Variations in Position and Depth of the Mixing Layer in the UTLS
*D MacKenzie
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0800 A21A-03 CC Hall E On the QBO Modulation of the Stratospheric Tropical Upwelling as Evidenced by N2O Distributions
*P Braesicke, S Strahan, G Stiller, O Morgenstern, J Pyle
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0800 A21A-04 CC Hall E On the relation of Empirical Orthogonal Functions of the vertical ozone distribution with the 11-year solar cycle and the quasi biennial oscillation
*N Kramarova, V Fioletov
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0800 A21A-05 CC Hall E Modeling the Coupled Stratosphere-Troposphere Stationary Wave Response to Climate Change
*L Wang, P Kushner
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0800 A21A-06 CC Hall E The new UKCA climate-chemistry model: Evaluation of the stratospheric performance
*O Morgenstern, M M Hurwitz, P Braesicke, F M O'Connor, A C Bushell, C E Johnson, S M Osprey, J A Pyle
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