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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 A21B CC Hall E Characterization of Air Pollution and Its Interactions With Weather and Climate in East Asia Before, During, and After the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games II Posters (joint with CG, B, IN, GC)
Presiding: G A Morris, Valparaiso University; E Celarier, UMBC/GEST
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0800 A21B-01 CC Hall E Impact of Summertime Weather System Activity on Air Quality Variations Over Beijing and the Implications
*Y Li, A K Lau, C Li, Q Zhang, Z Yuan
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0800 A21B-02 CC Hall E Source Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds by Positive Matrix Factorization in Urban and Rural Environments in Beijing
*Z Yuan, A K Lau, M Shao, P K Louie, S C Liu, T Zhu
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0800 A21B-03 CC Hall E Cloud chemistry at Mt. Tai in Eastern China
*J L Collett Jr, X Shen, T Lee, X Wang, W Wang, T Wang
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0800 A21B-04 CC Hall E An Examination of the Impact of Air from China on Air Quality in Hokkaido, Japan Before, During, and After the Beijing Olympics
*G A Morris, H Akimoto, Y Kanaya, M Takigawa, J Hirokawa, F Hasebe, M Fujiwara, K Ishida, K Miyagawa, M R Schoeberl, E Celarier, N Krotkov, S Christensen, N Kellams, B Lehmann, T G Pietrzak
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0800 A21B-05 CC Hall E Impacts of Emission Reduction Scenarios on Regional Climate and Local Air Quality for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
*Y Zhang, J A Smith, Z Wang, J D Fast, E G Chapman, Q Wu, M Baeck, A P Michel, J Yeung, W I Gustafson Jr
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0800 A21B-06 CC Hall E OMI measurements of SO2 pollution over Eastern China in 2005-2008
*N Krotkov, K Pickering, J Witte, S Carn, K Yang, G Carmichael, D Streets, Q Zhang, C Wei
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