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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 A23A CC Hall E Chemical Transformations of Organic Compounds in Aerosol and Clouds III Posters (joint with CG, GC, H)
Presiding: D De Haan, University of San Diego; J Liggio, Environment Canada
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1400 A23A-01 CC Hall E Hygroscopic Properties of Oxidation Products of Terpenes
*N A Lodhi, M Mozurkewich
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1400 A23A-02 CC Hall E Parameterization of Aerosol Particle Hygroscopic Growth Factors
*K Zeromskiene, M Mozurkewich, J G Slowik, J P Abbatt
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1400 A23A-03 CC Hall E Long range atmospheric transport of Aerosols: First ARCTIC measurements using Quadrupole Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
*A Bacak, R Damoah, J Sloan
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1400 A23A-04 CC Hall E Water Mediated Equilibrium Between Pyruvic Acid and its Geminal Diol Counterpart
*M K Maron, K Takahashi, R Shoemaker, V Vaida
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1400 A23A-05 CC Hall E Heterogeneous and Photochemical Reactions Involving Surface Adsorbed Organics: Common Lignin Pyrolysis Products With Nitrogen Dioxide.
*R Z Hinrichs, B R Nichols, C Rapa, V Costa
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