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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 A31A CC Hall E Interactions of Atmospheric Ozone and Climate: Observational Evidence and Model Calculations I Posters (joint with CG, IN, GC, P, SA)
Presiding: O Morgenstern, NIWA Lauder; P Braesicke, Cambridge University
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0800 A31A-01 CC Hall E Ozone Distribution in the Middle Latitude Mesosphere as Derived From Microwave Measurements at Lindau (51.66 N, 10.13 E)
P Hartogh, C Jarchow, *G R Sonnemann, M Grygalashvyly
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0800 A31A-02 CC Hall E Evidence of transport of ozone from the Indo-Gangetic Plain over the Bay of Bengal
*S Srivastava, S Venkataramani, S Gupta, S Lal
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0800 A31A-03 CC Hall E Assessment of the GEM-AQ Model Lightning and Emission Fields During the INTEX-A Field Campaign.
*J L McLarty, A Lupu, J C McConnell, T Bulteau, L Neary, J Kaminski, K Toyota, T Sobieraj
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0800 A31A-04 CC Hall E Detection of SO2 in the Plume of Volcán Turrialba From Ozonesonde Measurements: An Update
*V H Beita, H Vömel, J V Canossa, H B Selkirk, S A Caravajal, D Gonzáles, J A Arce, J H Murillo
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0800 A31A-05 CC Hall E Quantifying the impact of aggregation errors and model biases on top-down estimates of carbon monoxide emissions using satellite's observations
*Z Jiang, D B Jones, M Kopacz, J Liu, D K Henze
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0800 A31A-06 CC Hall E Interannual variations in summertime easterly transport of Asian pollution
*J J Liu, D B Jones, J Kar
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0800 A31A-07 CC Hall E Signature of Cities in the Tropospheric Ozone Columns Obtained by the Empirically Corrected Tropospheric Ozone Residual Technique From TOMS/SBUV Measurements
*J Kar, J Fishman, J K Creilson, A Richter
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0800 A31A-08 CC Hall E Improving Numerical Instability of the Assimilation of Nadir Profile Retrievals of Tropospheric Ozone From the TES Instrument Into the GEOS-Chem Model
I Tan, *D B Jones, M Parrington
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0800 A31A-09 CC Hall E The first ozone observations with the Brewer spectrophotometer at the South Pole
*V Savastiouk, C T McElroy, R D Evans
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0800 A31A-10 CC Hall E Impacts of biogenic emissions on summertime ozone episodes in North America: GEM-AQ simulation of the August 2007 heat wave
*K Toyota, A Lupu, J Kaminski, J C McConnell
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0800 A31A-11 CC Hall E Ozone Concentrations Patterns over the Metropolitan Area of São Paulo, Brazil
*C R Mazzoli, V S Carvalho, L D Martins, E D Freitas, M Andrade
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0800 A31A-12 CC Hall E Simulation of a Multi-day Ozone Episode in the Metropolitan Area of São Paulo, Brazil
*V Carvalho, C Mazzoli, M Andrade, E Freitas
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