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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Wednesday Morning 1

Time Session Location Title
0800 A31B CC 713B Clouds, Radiation, and Feedbacks I (joint with H)
Presiding: X Dong, University of North Dakota; B Lin, NASA Langley Research Center
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0800 A31B-01 CC 713B Cloud-Radiative Feedbacks on Tropical and Midlatitude Storms
*W B Rossow
INVITED    [Abstract]
0820 A31B-02 CC 713B Decadal Changes in Surface Radiative Fluxes
*M Wild
INVITED    [Abstract]
0840 A31B-03 CC 713B Recent Advances in Earth Radiation Budget Observation
*N G Loeb
0900 A31B-04 CC 713B Investigate the Surface Albedo Effect on Terra SSF Edition 2B data by Using the Tropical/Sub-Tropical BSRN Observations
*B Xi, X Dong, B Wielicki
0920 A31B-05 CC 713B On the Relationship Between Diurnal Temperature Range and Surface Solar Radiation in Europe
*K Makowski, E B Jaeger, M Chiacchio, M Wild, T Ewen, A Ohmura
0940 A31B-06 CC 713B Determining Radiative Heating profiles from Satellite Data Through Classification and Clustering
*S McFarlane, J Mather, N Beagley, J Flaherty

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