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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 A33C CC Hall E Clouds, Radiation, and Feedbacks III Posters (joint with H)
Presiding: X Dong, University of North Dakota; B Lin, NASA Langley Research Center
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1400 A33C-01 CC Hall E Radiative Effects of African Dust and Smoke Observed from CERES and CALIOP Data
*J E Yorks, M J McGill, S D Rodier, D L Hlavka, M A Vaughan, Y Hu
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1400 A33C-02 CC Hall E A 10-yr Climatology of Arctic Cloud Fraction and Surface Radiation Budget at Barrow, Alaska
*X Dong, B Xi, k Crosby, C Long, R Stone
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1400 A33C-03 CC Hall E Water Vapor Observations at ALOMAR Over a Solar Cycle and Calculations by Means of the Real Date Model LIMA
*G R Sonnemann, P Hartogh, L Song, M Grygalashvyly, U Berger
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1400 A33C-04 CC Hall E Based on LSRMAM ICA-Batch Processing for Spectral Unmixing in Remote Sensing
*Z Zhao, J Wang, B Hu, P Yu
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1400 A33C-05 CC Hall E Spatial Correlations of Aerosol Optical Depth Over Land
*A V Radkevich, A P Trishchenko
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1400 A33C-06 CC Hall E Nocturnal Boundary Layer Measurements during the Amazonian Aerosol Characterization Experiment (AMAZE)
*J Tota, G Fisch, R Santos, M Silva Dias
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1400 A33C-07 CC Hall E Surface Reflectivity From OMI Using Aqua MODIS to Eliminate Clouds: Effects of Snow on OMI NO2 Retrievals
*G O'Byrne, R V Martin
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1400 A33C-08 CC Hall E Analysis of MODIS and DC-8 in-situ dust properties during NAMMA
*D CHU, G Chen
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1400 A33C-09 CC Hall E Multi-event analysis of Lidar and Sunphotometer observations acquired at a site in Southern Canada
K Latha, N O'Neill, K Strawbridge, B Firanski, *A Saha, S Thulasiraman
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1400 A33C-10 CC Hall E MAESTRO Measurements of Atmospheric Aerosol Extinction
*C T McElroy, J R Drummond
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1400 A33C-11 CC Hall E Comparison of Two Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counters: An Analysis of Ground and Airborne Measurements
*G Sever, D Delene
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1400 A33C-12 CC Hall E Optical Properties of Aerosols over an Urban Coastal Site in France and its Effect on Direct Radiative Forcing
*A Saha, M Mallet, S Despiau, J Piazzola, J Roger, P Dubuisson
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