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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 A33D CC 713B High-Resolution Active Optical Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Processes I (joint with CG, IN, H)
Presiding: S Ismail, NASA Langley Research Center; G S Peng, The Aerospace Corporation; Y Hu, NASA Langley Research Center; D M Tratt, The Aerospace Corporation
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1400 A33D-01 CC 713B Lidar Atmospheric Measurements from the Surface of Mars
*J A Whiteway, M Daly, A Carswell, T Duck, C Dickinson, L Komguem, C Cook
INVITED    [Abstract]
1420 A33D-02 CC 713B Airborne Validation of CALIPSO Data Products
M J McGill, *J E Yorks, D L Hlavka, M A Vaughan
INVITED    [Abstract]
1440 A33D-03 CC 713B Ocean surface roughness measurements from CALIPSO and its application in air-sea gas exchange
*Y Hu, D Tratt, B Lin, W Sun
1500 A33D-04 CC 713B Synergy Derived from the "A-Train" Measurements: Retrieval of Single Scattering Albedo and Effective Aerosol Layer Height for Biomass-Burning Smoke
*M J Jeong, C Hsu, C E Salustro
1520 A33D-05 CC 713B Development and Field Testing of a Continuously Operating CO2 Lidar Profiling System
*S Ismail, T Refaat, G J Koch, K Davis, N M Abedin, M A Rubio, U N Singh
1540 A33D-06 CC 713B Mean Thermal Structure of the Low-Latitude Middle Atmosphere Studied Using Gadanki Rayleigh Lidar, Rocket, and SABER/TIMED Observations
*G Kishore Kumar, M Venkat Ratnam, A Patra, S Vijayabhaskara Rao, J Russell

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