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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Wednesday Afternoon 1

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1400 A33E CC 714A A Meeting of the Models: North American and International Multimodel Forecasting in Research and Operations I (joint with CG, IN, GC, NG, OS)
Presiding: D Collins, NOAA/NWS/NCEP Climate Prediction Center
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1400 A33E-01 CC 714A Issues in the Design of Multi-Model Ensembles
*P L Houtekamer, G Candille
INVITED    [Abstract]
1420 A33E-02 CC 714A Correction of Atmospheric Dynamical Seasonal Forecasts Using the Leading Ocean-forced Spatial Patterns
*H Lin
INVITED    [Abstract]
1440 A33E-03 CC 714A Status and Upgrade of NAEFS and NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System
*Y Zhu, Z Toth, R Wobus, D Hou, B Cui
INVITED    [Abstract]
1500 A33E-04 CC 714A The Canadian seasonal forecast and the APCC exchange.
*B Archambault, J Fontecilla, V Kharin, P Bourgouin, K Ashok, D Lee
1515 A33E-05 CC 714A North American Ensemble Forecasting System (NAEFS): Bias Removal and Multi-Model Ensemble
*S Beauregard, G Candille, N Gagnon
1530 A33E-06 CC 714A Seasonal Probability of Precipitation Forecasts Using a Weighted Ensemble Approach
*D Shin, S Kang, S Cocke
1545 A33E-07 CC 714A Probabilistic Week-Two Forecasts of Temperature and Precipitation Using a Multi-Model Ensemble System
*D C Collins, D A Unger, E O'Lenic

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