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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Wednesday Afternoon 2

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1630 A34A CC 713B Interactions of Atmospheric Ozone and Climate: Observational Evidence and Model Calculations II (joint with CG, IN, GC, P, SA)
Presiding: O Morgenstern, NIWA Lauder; P Braesicke, Cambridge University
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1630 A34A-01 CC 713B Implications of Lagrangian Tracer Transport for Coupled Chemistry-Climate Simulations
*A Stenke
INVITED    [Abstract]
1650 A34A-02 CC 713B Attribution of Global Mean Temperature Trends in the Middle Atmosphere: Model Diagnostics
*A I Jonsson, V I Fomichev
1710 A34A-03 CC 713B Increase of the Tropical Tropopause Upwelling due to Greenhouse Gas Radiative Forcing Inferred From an Analysis of SBUV and TOMS DATA
*R D Hudson
1730 A34A-04 CC 713B Towards Modeling the Variability of Ozone Observed in the Deep Tropical Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere
*H B Selkirk, A R Douglass, S Pawson, H Vömel, J V Canossa, L Pfister
1750 A34A-05 CC 713B Ozone depletion, surface climate, and the Annular Modes: A model study
*O Morgenstern, G E Bodeker, P Braesicke, J A Pyle
1810 A34A-06 CC 713B Mechanisms of Chemistry-Climate Coupling
*T G Shepherd
INVITED    [Abstract]

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