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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


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0800 A71A CC 714A Processes Over Midlatitude North America and the Arctic (2008) Observed From Satellite and Field Campaigns I (joint with CG, IN, GC, OS, SA, C)
Presiding: D W Tarasick, Environment Canada; C E Sioris, Environment Canada
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0800 A71A-01 CC 714A Airborne, Ground-based, and Satellite Measurements of BrO during ARCTAS and ARCPAC
*R Salawitch, T Canty, T Kurosu, K Chance, T Beck, X Liu, Q Liang, A da Silva, S Pawson, J Rodriguez, J Joiner, G Huey, J Liao, R Stickel, D Tanner, J Dibb, A Weinheimer, F Flocke, D Knapp, D Montzka, A Neuman, W Simpson, D Donohoue, Y Wang, S Choi, G Chen, F Hendrick, M Van Roozendael, K Kreher, J Crawford, D Jacob
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0830 A71A-02 CC 714A Preliminary Results from the 2009 OOTI Campaign: Bromine, Ozone and Mercury
*J E Moores, J W Bottenheim, S Netcheva, A Sheppard, R Staebler, A Steffen, P Lee
0845 A71A-03 CC 714A Ground-based BrO measurements above Eureka, Nunavut during spring 2008
*C Adams, A Fraser, K Strong, K Chance, T Kurosu, R Schofield
0900 A71A-04 CC 714A Arctic surface ozone depletions from ozone soundings and surface measurements
*D W Tarasick, J W Bottenheim, G Liu, C E Sioris, S J Oltmans, W R Simpson, P von der Gathen
0915 A71A-05 CC 714A Estimates of Cl and Br Concentrations in the Springtime Arctic From Hydrocarbon Measurements During ARCTAS
*K A Gorham, N J Blake, A J Weinheimer, D J Knapp, A Fried, E Apel, S Meinardi, D R Blake
0930 A71A-06 CC 714A Integrated Analysis of the Impact of Long-Range Transport of Midlatitude Pollution on Ozone Abundances in the Arctic Troposphere
*T W Walker, M Parrington, D B Jones, D K Henze, J R Worden, K W Bowman, J Bottenheim, K Anlauf, J Davies, D Tarasick, A Thompson
0945 A71A-07 CC 714A Source-receptor relationship: A case study of the origin of Canadian High Arctic air masses
*R Damoah, A Bacak, T Kuhn, J J Sloan

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