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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Sunday Morning 2

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1030 A72A CC 714A Processes Over Midlatitude North America and the Arctic (2008) Observed From Satellite and Field Campaigns II (joint with CG, GC, OS, SA, C)
Presiding: A M Thompson, Pennsylvania State University; D B Jones, University of Toronto
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1030 A72A-01 CC 714A North American Tropospheric Ozone Sources During Summer 2008 ARCTAS/ARC-IONS Derived from Laminar Identification with Tracers and Fire Maps
*A M Thompson, A M Luzik, S D Gallager, S J Oltmans, D W Tarasick, M Fromm, G Forbes, J C Witte, A Soja
1045 A72A-02 CC 714A Tropospheric Ozone Variability in the Arctic From Surface and Ozonesonde Observations
*S J Oltmans, D W Tarasick, A M Thompson, B J Johnson, J Davies, J Witte, J M Harris
1100 A72A-03 CC 714A Springtime Arctic Trace Gas Measurements and Comparisons With the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment on SCISAT
*R Lindenmaier, R Batchelor, K Strong, K Walker, G Manney, W Daffer
1115 A72A-04 CC 714A ACE-FTS Satellite Observations of Ozone and Related Constituent Distributions in the Arctic: Highlights From 2008.
*J R Taylor, K A Walker, J Jin, C D Boone, P F Bernath, G L Manney
1130 A72A-05 CC 714A Evaluation of Aura/OMI Total Column Ozone and Tropospheric Ozone Residual Products using Ozonesonde Profiles from the ARCIONS Campaign
*J Witte, M Schoeberl, A M Thompson, D Tarasick, S Oltmans, B Johnson, J Davies
1145 A72A-06 CC 714A Exploitation of satellite data for assessing air quality over North America with a chemical transport model
*M Parrington, D B Jones, K W Bowman, D B Millet, R V Martin, L Lamsal, A M Thompson, D W Tarasick
1200 A72A-07 CC 714A Defining The Tropopause Using High Resolution Sounding Data
*C R Homeyer, K P Bowman, L L Pan, T Campos, A Weinheimer, E Atlas, R Gao, F Zhang
1215 A72A-08 CC 714A Pan North-American Optical Effects of Kasatochi Volcanic Plume
*A Saha, N O'Neill, K Latha, L McArthur, K Strawbridge

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