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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Sunday Morning 2

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1030 A72B CC 713A Frontiers in Measurement Techniques and Laboratory Studies for Observations of Atmospheric Composition and Chemistry I (joint with CG, IN, GC, SA)
Presiding: J Murphy, University of Toronto; H Osthoff, University of Calgary
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1030 A72B-01 CC 713A Hygroscopicity of mineral dust particles: Roles of chemical mixing state and hygroscopic conversion timescale
*R C Sullivan, M J Moore, M D Petters, A Laskin, G C Roberts, S M Kreidenweis, K A Prather
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 A72B-02 CC 713A A Novel Method for Direct In Situ Measurements of N2O5 Reactivity on Ambient Aerosol Particles
*J A Thornton, T H Bertram, T P Riedel
1110 A72B-03 CC 713A Development of a New Calibration Method for an Ambient Ion Monitor Ion Chromatograph (AIM-IC)
*M Markovic, T VandenBoer, J G Murphy
1130 A72B-04 CC 713A Air Quality and Observations From Space: Using High-Resolution Atmospheric Chemistry Model Data for a Time-Resolved Tropospheric Chemistry Mission Study
*J Creilson, D Neil, J Fishman, D Byun, X Jiang
1150 A72B-05 CC 713A A New Satellite Measurement Capability for Assessing Damage to Crops from Regional Scale Ozone Pollution
J J Fishman, *J K Creilson, P A Parker, E A Ainsworth, G G Vining, J L Szarka I
1210 A72B-06 CC 713A Ground and Satellite Observation of NO2 in Southwestern Ontario During the 2007 BAQS-met Campaign
*C J Lee, J R Brook, G Evans, R Martin, A van Donkelaar, L Lamsal

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