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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 A73A CC 714A Processes Over Midlatitude North America and the Arctic (2008) Observed From Satellite and Field Campaigns III (joint with CG, IN, GC, OS, SA, C)
Presiding: K P Bowman, Texas A&M University; M D Moran, Environment Canada
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1400 A73A-01 CC 714A Stratosphere-Troposphere Analyses of Regional Transport 2008 (START08) Experiment: an Overview
*L L Pan, E Atlas, K P Bowman, S C Wofsy, F Zhang
INVITED    [Abstract]
1430 A73A-02 CC 714A Context for START08 Using Satellite Data and Meteorological Analyses
*G L Manney, M I Hegglin, W H Daffer, R A Fuller, E Atlas, K Bowman, L Pan, S Wofsy, J Ballard, R Gao, A Weinheimer, T Campos, D Hurst, N Livesey, M Santee, K Walker
1445 A73A-03 CC 714A Origin of Tropospheric Air in the Extratropical Lower Stratosphere during START08
*K P Bowman, C R Homeyer, D G Stone, L L Pan, T Campos, A Weinheimer, E Atlas, R Gao, F Zhang
1500 A73A-04 CC 714A Trace gas distributions and correlations observed during START08
*E Atlas, R Lueb, X Zhu, L Pope, L Pan, S Schauffler, S Tilmes, B Hall, A Weinheimer, F Flocke, I Pollack, W Zheng, D Montzka, D Knapp, T Campos, R Hendershot, F Moore, D Hurst, J Elkins, R Gao, S Wofsy, B Daube, R Jimenez, S Park, E Kort, K P Bowman
1515 A73A-05 CC 714A Dynamic Variability of the UTLS Chemical Composition from Satellite and in situ Measurements during START08
*J Pittman, L Pan, J Wei, C Barnet, B Irion, E Atlas, K Bowman, C Homeyer
1530 A73A-06 CC 714A In situ Measurements of Ice supersaturation in the Upper Troposphere in START08 Campaign
*M Diao, M A Zondlo

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