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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 A74A CC 714A Processes Over Midlatitude North America and the Arctic (2008) Observed From Satellite and Field Campaigns IV (joint with CG, IN, GC, OS, SA, C)
Presiding: D W Tarasick, Environment Canada; B J Stocks, B.J. Stocks Wildfire Investigations Ltd.
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1630 A74A-01 CC 714A Biomass burning in Siberia and Kazakhstan as an important source for haze over the Alaskan Arctic in April 2008
*C Warneke, R Bahreini, J Brioude, C Brock, J de Gouw, d Fahey, K Froyd, A Middlebrook, L Miller, S Montzka, D Murphy, J Peischl, T Ryerson, J Schwarz, R Spackman, J Holloway
INVITED    [Abstract]
1700 A74A-02 CC 714A Siberian and North American Biomass Burning Contributions to the Processes that Influenced the 2008 Arctic Aircraft and Satellite Field Campaigns
*A J Soja, B J Stocks, R Carr, R B Pierce, M Natarajan, M Fromm
INVITED    [Abstract]
1730 A74A-03 CC 714A Observation of a Major Biogenic Aerosol Growth Event in Rural Ontario: Correlation with Photochemical Activity and Comparison to Model Predictions
*J Abbatt, R Chang, R Leaitch, N Shantz, S Sjostedt, J Slowik, C Stroud, A Vlasenko, A Xia
1745 A74A-04 CC 714A Evidence for Deposition of Black Carbon in the Springtime Arctic
*J R Spackman, J P Schwarz, R S Gao, L A Watts, D W Fahey, J S Holloway, W D Neff
1800 A74A-05 CC 714A Chemical Properties of Aerosols in the Central Arctic
*R Chang, S Sjostedt, J Abbatt, K Hayden, R Leaitch, S Li
1815 A74A-06 CC 714A Synoptic/Mesoscale Modulation of Cloud, Boundary-Layer, and Aerosol Processes During ASCOS/AMISA: Preliminary Results
*O P Persson, M Shupe, E Sukovich, M Tjernström, A Gasiewski, B J Brooks, V Leuski, I M Brooks

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