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2009 Joint Assembly

Atmospheric Sciences


Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 A74B CC 713A Frontiers in Measurement Techniques and Laboratory Studies for Observations of Atmospheric Composition and Chemistry III (joint with CG, IN, GC, P, SA)
Presiding: J Murphy, University of Toronto; H Al-Abadleh, Wilfrid Laurier University
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1630 A74B-01 CC 713A Searching for Hydroxyl Radicals at the Air-Ice Interface
*T F Kahan, D J Donaldson
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1650 A74B-02 CC 713A Advances in Laser-Induced Emission Based Instrumentation for Fast, Direct, High-Sensitivity In-Situ Measurement of Formaldehyde and Alpha-Dicarbonyls
*F Keutsch, J Paul, A Huisman, J Hottle, J DiGangi, M Galloway, K Coens, A Kammrath
1710 A74B-03 CC 713A Online formaldehyde measurement using proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry. Results of intercomparison with the Hantzsch monitor and correction for humidity effects
*A Vlasenko, A Macdonald, S Sjostedt, J Abbatt
1730 A74B-04 CC 713A Chemical Composition of Secondary Organic Aerosols Generated from the Dark Ozonolysis of Isoprene - A High Resolution Mass Spectrometric Analysis
*T B Nguyen, A P Bateman, S A Nizkorodov, J Laskin, A Laskin
1750 A74B-05 CC 713A Investigating the role of VOCs in secondary organic aerosol production during the PROPHET 2008 field intensive by proton transfer reaction linear ion trap (PTR-LIT) mass spectrometry
*L H Mielke, J Slade, M Alaghmand, M Galloway, A Kammrath, F Keutsch, S Bertman, M Carroll, S Griffith, R Hansen, S Dusanter, P Stevens, A Hansel, A Wisthaler, D Erickson, S A McLuckey, P Shepson
1810 A74B-06 CC 713A Analysis and Interpretation of Single Particle Mass Spectra by the Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
*P Rehbein, G Evans, C Jeong, J Corbin, M McGuire

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