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0800 B11A CC 714B CarboNA: Continental Carbon Cycle Studies in North America III

Presiding: N Cavallaro, U.S. Department of Agriculture; A Muhlia, CIBNOR, S.C.; C Ste-Marie, Canadian Forest Service
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0800 B11A-01 CC 714B Proposed Gulf of Mexico Intensive Study on Carbon Fluxes
*P G Coble, L Robbins, S Lohrenz, W Cai
INVITED    [Abstract]
0820 B11A-02 CC 714B Inter-annual Variability in Net Ecosystem Exchange of Carbon Dioxide and Methane Emissions in a Temperate Freshwater Marsh
*M Bonneville, I Strachan
0835 B11A-03 CC 714B The Coupling of Methane and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes From Boreal Lakes and Reservoirs
*Y T Prairie, P A del Giorgio
0850 B11A-04 CC 714B Evaluating Contributions of Wetland and Lake Emissions of Methane to Atmospheric Methane Concentrations with a Processed-Based Biogeochemistry Model and an Atmospheric Chemistry Transport Model and Satellite Retrieval Data in Northern High Latitudes
*Q Zhuang, J Tang, Y Lu, K Xu, X Xiong, J Melillo, R Prinn, A McGuire
0905 B11A-05 CC 714B North American Carbon Project (NACP) Regional Model-Model and Model-Data Intercomparison Project
*D N Huntzinger, W M Post, A R Jacobson, R B Cook
INVITED    [Abstract]
0925 B11A-06 CC 714B The Uncertainty in 20th Century Carbon Budget due to Land Use Change Emissions
*V K Arora, G J Boer
0940 B11A-07 CC 714B North America Terrestrial Carbon Budget: A Model Analysis of the Combined Effects of CO2, Nitrogen, Climate, Land Use Changes and Management
*A Jain, X Yang

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