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Monday Morning 2

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1030 B12A CC 714B Wildfire in Natural Systems: Vulnerability, Impacts, and Response (joint with GC)
Presiding: B Benscoter, University of Guelph; E Kasischke, University of Maryland; M Flannigan, Canadian Forest Service-Natural Resource Canada; B M Wotton, Canadian Forest Service
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1030 B12A-01 CC 714B Evaluating Impacts of Climate Change on Fire Regimes, Landscape Dynamics, and Fire Management Using the Simulation Model Fire-BGCv2
*R E Keane, R Loehman
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 B12A-02 CC 714B Changes in Fire Regime Catalyze Ecological Responses to Climate Change in Boreal Forests
*J F Johnstone, F Chapin IIIT Hollingsworth, S Rupp
INVITED    [Abstract]
1110 B12A-03 CC 714B Quantifying wildland fire emissions at landscape to continental scales
*N H French
INVITED    [Abstract]
1130 B12A-04 CC 714B Controls on Organic Layer Combustion Severity During Wildfire in Boreal Bogs
*B W Benscoter, D K Thompson, J M Waddington, M D Flannigan, B M Wotton, W J de Groot, M R Turetsky
1145 B12A-05 CC 714B Predicting Stand-Level Fire Behavior From Forest Community Data in Former Prairie and Savanna
*G I Yospin, S D Bridgham, J Kertis, B R Johnson
1200 B12A-06 CC 714B Measuring Wildland Fire Radiant Power, Energy Release and Gas Evolution at 'Intermediate Scale'
*R L Kremens, M B Dickinson, A Bova
1215 B12A-07 CC 714B Empirical Evidence for Self-Organized Patterns in California Wildfire Sizes: Implications for Landscape Resilience
*N A Povak, P F Hessburg Sr

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