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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 B13A CC Hall E Management Impacts on Carbon, Water, Energy, and Nutrient Exchanges in Forest Ecosystems III Posters (joint with CG, H)
Presiding: M Arain, McMaster University; H McCaughey, Queen's University; S Thomas, University of Toronto
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1400 B13A-01 CC Hall E Examining the Physical Controls on Soil Organic Matter Decomposition Through Depth: Results of a Temperate Forest Soil Mesocosm Experiment
*C Gabriel, L Kellman
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1400 B13A-02 CC Hall E The Effect Of Soil Moisture Content And Nitrogen And Phosphorous Addition On The Production Of CO2 And N2O In A Mature Red Spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) Forest Soil
L Kellman, *A Diochon
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1400 B13A-03 CC Hall E Does Forest Management Affect The Structure Of The Soil Carbon Pool? Insights From A Long-Term Incubation Of Soils From A Managed Red Spruce Forest Chronosequence
*A Diochon, L Kellman
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1400 B13A-04 CC Hall E Hydrogen coupled CO2 fixation in legume cropping systems
*T Philpott, Y Cen, D B Layzell, K Kyser, N A Scott
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1400 B13A-05 CC Hall E Simulating the effects of forest managements on carbon sequestration: TREPLEX-Management model development
*W Wang, C Peng, X Lei, T Zhang, D Kneeshaw, G Larocque
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1400 B13A-06 CC Hall E Investigating the Relative Importance of Nitrification and Denitrification in Generating Nitrous Oxide Emissions From N-amended Soils of a Managed Northern Temperate Forest Chronosequence Using δ15N and δ18O
*S Kumar, L Kellman
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