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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 1

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1400 B13B CC Hall E Lessons from Astrobiology and Biogeochemistry: From Deep Biosphere to Ecosystem and Human Health I Posters

Presiding: E Shock, Arizona State University; R Leveille, Canadian Space Agency
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1400 B13B-01 CC Hall E Metal-Microbial Interactions in Toronto Sunnyside Beach: Impact on Water Quality and Public Health
*J M Plach, A Elliott, L A Warren
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1400 B13B-02 CC Hall E Examining trace metal contamination in an unanthropogenically impacted lake in Algonquin Park: implications for environmental bacterial communities and antibiotic resistance
*A V Elliott, J Plach, I Droppo, L A Warren
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1400 B13B-03 CC Hall E Geochemical Interactions and Viral-Prokaryote Relationships in Freshwater Environments
*J E Kyle, G Ferris
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1400 B13B-04 CC Hall E Microbial ecology of a novel sulphur cycling consortia from AMD: implications for acid generation
*L M Loiselle, K L Norlund, A P Hitchcock, L A Warren
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1400 B13B-05 CC Hall E Sulfur Isotopic Fractionation During Dissimilatory Sulfate Reduction from the Perspective of an Entire Microbial Metabolism
*B Webber, L Lau, B Wing
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1400 B13B-06 CC Hall E Defluoridation by Bacteriogenic Iron Oxides: Sorption Studies
*K Evans, F Ferris
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1400 B13B-07 CC Hall E Fossilization of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria at Hydrothermal Vents: a Useful Biosignature on Mars?
*R J Leveille, S Lui
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1400 B13B-08 CC Hall E Astrobiological and Planetary Exploration Implications of Microbial Ichnofossils in Terrestrial Basaltic Glasses
*N J Bridge, M M Izawa, N R Banerjee, R L Flemming, C Schultz
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1400 B13B-09 CC Hall E Possible Biofilms in Earth's Oldest Known Tidal Environment (> 3.7 Ga Isua Greenstone Belt, Greenland)
*N Noffke, J D Schiffbauer, R M Hazen, J T Armstrong, D M Bower, C Simpson, D J Swift
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1400 B13B-10 CC Hall E Putative Bioalteration Textures Hosted Within Impact Melt Glasses From the Ries Crater, Germany
*H M Sapers, G R Osinski, N R Banerjee
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1400 B13B-11 CC Hall E Preliminary Mineralogical and Geological Characterization of the Lost Hammer Perennial Spring, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut
*M Battler, G R Osinski, N Banerjee, M Izawa
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