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1400 B13C CC Hall E CarboNA: Continental Carbon Cycle Studies in North America IV Posters

Presiding: N Cavallaro, U.S. Department of Agriculture; A Muhlia, CIBNOR, S.C.; C Ste-Marie, Canadian Forest Service
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1400 B13C-01 CC Hall E Using surface and space-based observations of CO2 for inverse modeling of carbon fluxes
*R Nassar, D B Jones, S S Kulawik, J M Chen
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1400 B13C-02 CC Hall E Development of an Integrated Hyperspectral Imager and 3D-Flash LADAR for Terrestrial Characterization
*A L Swanson, S Sandor-Leahy, J Shepanski, C Wong, C Bracikowski, l Abelson, M Helmlinger, D Bauer, M Folkman
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1400 B13C-03 CC Hall E Integrating Landscape-scale Forest Measurements with Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Models to Improve Carbon Management Decisions
*R Birdsey, Y Pan
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1400 B13C-04 CC Hall E Modelling Trace Gas Gluxes From Soils Along Slope Transects in Eastern Canadian Forest Ecosystems
*C Peng, X Chen, S Ullah, T Moore, C Li
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1400 B13C-05 CC Hall E Interaction of Insect Defoliation, Wildfires and Climate Change on Carbon Dynamics
*J Hom, S Van Tuyl, R Scheller, Y Pan, K Clark, J Cole, J Foster, M Patterson, M Gallagher
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1400 B13C-06 CC Hall E Atmospheric Measurements of Co-variation Carbonyl Sulfide and Carbon Dioxide Provide Information on Carbon Cycle Processes
*J A Berry, J E Campbell, S A Montzka, S R Kawa, I Baker, A S Denning, A Wolf
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1400 B13C-07 CC Hall E Estimation Of The Carbon Exchange At Different Northern Peatlands Using Modis Vegetation Indices
*A Kross, R Fernandes, J Seaquist, N Roulet
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1400 B13C-08 CC Hall E Using DayCENT to Simulate Carbon Dynamics in Conventional and No-till Agriculture
*K Chang, J Warland, P Voroney, C Wagner-Riddle, P Bartlett
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1400 B13C-09 CC Hall E NOrth AMerica Soil (NOAM-SOIL) Database
D A Miller, *S W Waltman, X Geng, D James, L Hernandez
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1400 B13C-10 CC Hall E The Value of Agricultural Data in Carbon Cycle Studies: A Case Study from Ontario
*E C Chan, J C Lin
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1400 B13C-11 CC Hall E Modeling canopy-level productivity: is the "big-leaf" simplification acceptable?
*M Sprintsin, J M Chen
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1400 B13C-12 CC Hall E Early Field Results for a new Method of Measuring CO2 Efflux
*G McArthur, D Risk, N Nickerson, H Beltrami, L Kellman
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1400 B13C-13 CC Hall E Verification of the Flux Solution Technology and Quantification of Errors Associated With Calibration and Implementation
*C Creelman, G McArthur, D Risk, H Beltrami, L Kellman
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1400 B13C-14 CC Hall E Influence of sunlight and exchange across the sediment water interface on nitrogen and carbon within agricultural streams
*D Scott
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1400 B13C-15 CC Hall E Non-Growing Season Dynamics of Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Cropped Land in Southern Ontario, Canada
*M E Zurbrigg, R M Petrone, M C English, J Spoelstra, M L Macrae
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1400 B13C-16 CC Hall E Spatial and Temporal Alterations on Carbon and Water Cycles Due to Grazing
*M M Maksimowicz, N A Brunsell, J M Ham
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1400 B13C-17 CC Hall E Importance of CO2 Evasion From Small Boreal Streams
*J F Koprivnjak, P J Dillon
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1400 B13C-18 CC Hall E The Net Impact of Hydroelectric Reservoir Creation on Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Study of the Eastmain-1 Reservoir in the Eastern James Bay region of Quebec, Canada
*I B Strachan, M Lemieux, M Bonneville, N Roulet, A Tremblay
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