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2009 Joint Assembly



Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 B14A CC 714B Drought and Warming Impacts on Biogeochemistry and Hydroclimatology in Natural Ecosystems

Presiding: M R Turetsky, University of Guelph; J M Waddington, McMaster University
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1630 B14A-01 CC 714B Surface Water Dynamics Using MODIS Data
*M L Carroll, J R Townshend, C M DiMiceli, P Noojipady, R A Sohlberg
1650 B14A-02 CC 714B Recent drought-induced mortality of aspen forests along a water-balance tipping point for ecosystems in western Canada
*E Hogg
INVITED    [Abstract]
1710 B14A-03 CC 714B Drought as a Disturbance: Implications for Peatland Carbon Budgets in the Hudson Bay Lowland
*R Bello, A Abnizova, E Miller
1730 B14A-04 CC 714B Climatic and Vegetation Controls on Peatland CO2 Fluxes in Alaska: Early Response to Ecosystem-Scale Drought and Soil Warming Manipulations
*M R Turetsky, M R Chivers, J M Waddington, J W Harden, A D McGuire
1750 B14A-05 CC 714B Climate Change Impacts on Soil Organic Matter: New Insights from Molecular-Level Studies
*M J Simpson, X Feng, A Simpson
INVITED    [Abstract]
1810 B14A-06 CC 714B The Holocene Thermal Maximum as a Time of Rapid Peat Accumulation and Peatland Expansion in Alaska
*M C Jones, Z Yu, D M Peteet

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