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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 B23A CC Hall E Land Use and Global Climate Change Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycles at the Watershed Scale I Posters

Presiding: P Vidon, Indiana-University-Purdue University, Indianapolis; C Mitchell, University of Toronto
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1400 B23A-01 CC Hall E Measurements of agricultural N2O: a comparative study of static chamber and eddy covariance fluxes
*M Molodovskaya, J Warland, T R Anderson, J A Archibald, J Chiang, J Li, R D Marjerison, A Sharma, B K Richards, T S Steenhuis
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1400 B23A-02 CC Hall E Effects of Reservoirs on O2 and N Dynamics in the Grand River
*B De Baets, W Taylor, S Schiff
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1400 B23A-03 CC Hall E Macrophyte communities as an important seasonal sink for P and N in an urban and agricultural watershed in Southern Ontario.
*J L Hood, W D Taylor, S Schiff
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1400 B23A-04 CC Hall E Separating Agricultural and Urban Inputs to N Cycling in a Large Eutrophic River, Southern Ontario, Canada
*M S Rosamond, S J Thuss, S L Schiff, R J Elgood, M Anderson
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1400 B23A-05 CC Hall E Agricultural Nutrient Cycling at the Strawberry Creek Watershed: Insights Into Processes Using Stable Isotope Analysis
*E Thuss, M C English, J Spoelstra
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1400 B23A-06 CC Hall E Total Mercury and Methylmercury Mass Fluxes From Three Coastal Plain Watersheds With Contrasting Land Use
*C Mitchell, C Gilmour, A Heyes, T Jordan
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1400 B23A-07 CC Hall E Effects of pH on Dissolved Organic Matter From Freshwater Algal Species
*Y Kehret, C Gueguen
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1400 B23A-08 CC Hall E Carbon mineralization of flooded boreal soil and vegetation under different temperature and oxygen conditions
*Y Kim, S Ullah, N Roulet, T Moore
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1400 B23A-09 CC Hall E Dissolved Carbon Flux and Mass Balance From a Wetland-Dominated Karstic Headwater Catchment
*T P Duval, J M Waddington, B A Branfireun
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