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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Afternoon 1

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1400 B23B CC Hall E Molecular-Level Analysis of Natural Organic Matter Dynamics and Environmental Reactivity I Posters (joint with GA)
Presiding: M J Simpson, University of Toronto; A J Simpson, University of Toronto
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1400 B23B-01 CC Hall E Natural Organic Matter and the Event Horizon of Mass Spectrometry
*N Hertkorn, M Frommberger, M Witt, B P Koch, P Schmitt-Kopplin, E M Perdue
INVITED POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 B23B-02 CC Hall E Pushing the Limits of NMR Spectroscopy: In Situ analysis of Organic Matter in Natural Waters
*A Simpson, B Lam
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1400 B23B-03 CC Hall E Investigations of Online HPSEC-NMR for the Separation and Elucidation of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM)
*G Woods, M Simpson, A Simpson
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 B23B-04 CC Hall E Revealing Aquatic Dissolved Organic Matter Composition using Direct 1H NMR Spectroscopy
*D C Burns, C Gueguen
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 B23B-05 CC Hall E Biomarkers of Canadian High Arctic Litoral Sediments for Assessment of Organic Matter Sources and Degradation
*B G Pautler, J Austin, A Otto, K Stewart, S F Lamoureux, M J Simpson
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1400 B23B-06 CC Hall E Molecular Characterization of Cryoconite Organic Matter from the Athabasca Glacier, Canadian Rocky Mountains
*Y Xu, M J Simpson, N Eyles, A Simpson, A J Baer
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1400 B23B-07 CC Hall E Molecular-Level Analysis of Organic Matter Structure and Composition from Different Soil Mineral Fractions
*J S Clemente, E G Gregorich, A J Simpson, M J Simpson
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1400 B23B-08 CC Hall E Organic Matter Stabilization in Surface and Subsurface Soil Horizons: C Mineralization and Early Formation of Water-Stable Macroaggregates
*V Poirier, D A Angers, P Rochette, J K Whalen
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 B23B-09 CC Hall E Ecological and Molecular Study of Soil Chemoautotrophic Microorganisms via the Sequestration of Atmospheric 13CO2
*K M Hart, B Kelleher, C Allen, A Simpson
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1400 B23B-10 CC Hall E Assessment of Various Organic Matter Properties by Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy of Sediments and Filters
*G Alaoui, M Leger, J Gagne, L Tremblay
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 B23B-11 CC Hall E Analysis of organic matter at the soil-water interface by NMR spectroscopy: Implications for contaminant sorption processes
*M Simpson, A Simpson
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 B23B-12 CC Hall E Molecular-level interactions in soils and sediments: the role of aromatic pi-systems
*M Keiluweit, M Kleber
POSTER    [Abstract]
1400 B23B-13 CC Hall E 1H NMR Metabolomics: A New Molecular Level Tool for Assessment of Organic Contaminant Bioavailability to Earthworms in Soil
*J R McKelvie, D M Wolfe, M A Celejewski, A J Simpson, M J Simpson
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