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2009 Joint Assembly



Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 B24A CC 714B Lessons from Astrobiology and Biogeochemistry: From Deep Biosphere to Ecosystem and Human Health II (joint with GA)
Presiding: N R Banerjee, University of Western Ontario; L Warren, McMaster University
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1630 B24A-01 CC 714B Hydrogeologic Controls on the Deep Terrestrial Biosphere - Chemolithotrophic Energy for Subsurface Life on Earth and Mars
*B Sherwood Lollar, J Moran, S Tille, K Voglesonger, G Lacrampe-Couloume, T Onstott, L Pratt, G Slater
INVITED    [Abstract]
1650 B24A-02 CC 714B Variation in Isotopic Biosignatures From Carbonate Rich, Microbial Mats in Saline, Alkaline Lakes on the Cariboo Plateau, B.C.
*A Brady, G Slater, G Druschel, D Lim
1705 B24A-03 CC 714B Early Earth as an Analogue Target for Astrobiology
*B A Wing
INVITED    [Abstract]
1725 B24A-04 CC 714B Supraglacial Sulphur Springs Supporting a Diverse Microbial Ecosystem, Borup Fiord Pass, Ellesmere Island.
*S E Grasby, R T Pappalardo, B Beauchamp, D Gleeson, A S Templeton, J R Spear, C Williams
1740 B24A-05 CC 714B Implications for global climate change from microbially-produced acid mine drainage
*K L Norlund, A P Hitchcock, L A Warren
1755 B24A-06 CC 714B Geomicrobiology; inseparable from low temperature geochemistry & mineralogy
*G Southam
INVITED    [Abstract]
1815 B24A-07 CC 714B Influences of Mn(II) and V(IV) on Bacterial Surface Chemistry and Metal Reactivity
*S French, S Fakra, S Glasauer

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