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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 B31A CC 714B Detecting Change in Permafrost Through Physical and Biogeochemical Linkages (joint with C)
Presiding: S Ewing, USGS; E Kane, Michigan State University; J Harden, USGS
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0800 B31A-01 CC 714B Ancient permafrost and a future, warmer Arctic
*D G Froese, A V Reyes, J A Westgate, S J Preece, B J Jensen
INVITED    [Abstract]
0815 B31A-02 CC 714B Detecting changes in permafrost and attributing them to the changes in physical and biological parameters
*V E Romanovsky, S S Marchenko, K Yoshikawa, M Leach
INVITED    [Abstract]
0835 B31A-03 CC 714B Assessing the Influence of Melting Permafrost on Streamflow in Discontinuous Permafrost Catchments
*S K Carey
INVITED    [Abstract]
0855 B31A-04 CC 714B Transformation of Upland Water and Carbon Dynamics by Thawing Permafrost in the Alaskan Interior
*S A Ewing, J B Paces, J A O'Donnell, M Z Kanevskiy, Y Shur, M T Jorgenson, J Harden, G R Aiken, R Striegl
0910 B31A-05 CC 714B Climate Drivers and Ecological Triggers of Permafrost Formation and Thaw in Boreal Permafrost Peatlands
*P Camill
INVITED    [Abstract]
0930 B31A-06 CC 714B The influence of seasonal thaw and water table dynamics on soil carbon and trace gas flux in an ecosystem gradient from Interior Alaska
*J W Harden, M Turetsky, M Chivers, E Kane, A D McGuire, K L Manies
0945 B31A-07 CC 714B Influences of Glacial and Permafrost Thaw on Dissolved Organic Carbon-14 in the Yukon River Basin
*G Aiken, P Raymond, R Spencer, P Schuster, R Striegl

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