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Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 B32A CC 714B Land Use and Global Climate Change Impacts on Biogeochemical Cycles at the Watershed Scale II

Presiding: P Vidon, Indiana-University-Purdue University, Indianapolis; C Mitchell, University of Toronto
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1030 B32A-01 CC 714B Effects of Atmospheric Nitrate on an Upland Stream of the Northeastern USA
*S D Sebestyen, J B Shanley, E W Boyer, C Kendall
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 B32A-02 CC 714B Sources and Controls of Winter Nitrate Export at two Adjacent Forested Catchments
*C Eimers, N Casson, H O'Brien
1105 B32A-03 CC 714B Spatio-temporal Variation in the Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Matter in Boreal Lakes
*C W Cuss, C Gueguen, P J Dillon
1120 B32A-04 CC 714B The Impacts of Glacial Recession on Riverine Nutrient Fluxes and the Age and Bioavailability of Riverine DOM in Gulf of Alaska Watersheds
*E Hood, J Fellman, R Spencer, D Scott
INVITED    [Abstract]
1140 B32A-05 CC 714B What can Dissolved Oxygen Isotopes Tell us About the Metabolism of Impacted Rivers?
*J J Venkiteswaran, L I Wassenaar, S L Schiff, G Koehler
1155 B32A-06 CC 714B Changes in Terminal Electron Acceptors During Experiment Mixing of a Dystrophic Lake
*E H Stanley, N R Lottig, A Shade, J S Read, P C Hanson, T K Kratz, E E Roden, C Wu, K D McMahon
1210 B32A-07 CC 714B Response of Mercury to Forest Management Activities and Extreme Weather Events
*C J Allan, K Bishop, L Bringmark, E Garcia, S Hellsten, L Hogbom, K Johansson, A Lomander, M Meili, J Munthe, M Nilsson, P Povari, U Skylberg, R Sorenson, T Zetterberg, R Mackereth
INVITED    [Abstract]

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