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2009 Joint Assembly



Wednesday Morning 2

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1030 B32B CC 714A Molecular-Level Analysis of Natural Organic Matter Dynamics and Environmental Reactivity II

Presiding: M J Simpson, University of Toronto; A J Simpson, University of Toronto
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1030 B32B-01 CC 714A Non-targeted Explorations in the Compositional and Structural Space of Natural Organic Matter
*N Hertkorn, P Schmitt-Kopplin, E M Perdue
INVITED    [Abstract]
1050 B32B-02 CC 714A The Critical Role of Dissolved Organic Matter in Colloidal Stability of Manufactured Nanomaterials
*B Xing
INVITED    [Abstract]
1110 B32B-03 CC 714A Role of lipids in the structural organization of humic acid
*J A Rice, G Chilom
INVITED    [Abstract]
1130 B32B-04 CC 714A The Charcoal Component of Soil Organic Matter in the Boreal Forest of Western Quebec (Abitibi Region)
*C M Preston, M Simard, W A Kurz, G Rampley, R E Wasylishen, G M Bernard, Y Bergeron, N Lecomte
INVITED    [Abstract]
1145 B32B-05 CC 714A Molecular-Level Transformations of Lignin During Photo-Oxidation and Biodegradation
*X Feng, K Hills, A J Simpson, M J Simpson
1200 B32B-06 CC 714A Long-term, Trans-Canada Decay of 13C-labelled Crop Residues
*B H Ellert, H H Janzen, E G Gregorich
1215 B32B-07 CC 714A Elucidation of Specific Binding Sites for Organofluorine Compounds in Peat Humic Acid using Reversed Heteronuclear Saturation Transfer Difference NMR Spectroscopy
*J G Longstaffe, M J Simpson, W Maas, A J Simpson

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