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2009 Joint Assembly



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0800 B71A CC 714B Management Impacts on Carbon, Water, Energy, and Nutrient Exchanges in Forest Ecosystems I (joint with CG, H)
Presiding: M Arain, McMaster University; H McCaughey, Queen's University; S Thomas, University of Toronto
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0805 B71A-01 CC 714B Impact of the Mountain Pine Beetle on the net Ecosystem Productivity of Lodgepole Pine Stands and the Role of Secondary Structure
*M Brown, T Black, Z Nesic, D Spilttlehouse, T Trofymow, A Fredeen, V Egginton, P Burton, N Grant
0820 B71A-02 CC 714B Impacts of Nitrogen Fertilization on Carbon and Water Balances in Different-aged Westcoast Douglas-fir Stands
*P Jassal, A Black, C Bruemmer, Z Nesic, D Spittlehouse, T Trofymow
0840 B71A-03 CC 714B Carbon Cycling in Balsam Fir Ecosystems Following Forestry Practices
*M B Lavigne, R J Foster, G K Goodine
0900 B71A-04 CC 714B Biometric and Eddy-Covariance Based Estimates of Ecosystem Carbon Exchange in an Age-Sequence of Temperate Pine Forests
*M Peichl, M A Arain, J J Brodeur, M Khomik
0915 B71A-05 CC 714B Relative Contributions Of Soil, Foliar And Woody-Tissue Respiration To Total Ecosystem Respiration In Different-Age, Planted Forests
*M Khomik, A M Arain, M Peichl, N Restrepo-Coupe, J D McLaren, J Brodeur
0930 B71A-06 CC 714B Nitrogen Feedbacks on Ecosystem Production: CLASS-CTEMN+ Model Application to two North American Forest Sites
*S Huang, M A Arain, F Yuan, V Arora, J Brodeur, M Peichl

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