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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Morning 2

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1030 B72A CC 714B Management Impacts on Carbon, Water, Energy, and Nutrient Exchanges in Forest Ecosystems II (joint with CG, H)
Presiding: M Arain, McMaster University; H McCaughey, Queen's University; S Thomas, University of Toronto
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1030 B72A-01 CC 714B Quantifying and Reducing Uncertainty in Eddy Covariance CO2 Exchange Estimates With Large Data Gaps.
*J J Brodeur, M A Arain, M Peichl
1045 B72A-02 CC 714B An Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Variation of Carbon and Water Fluxes in Three Temperate Pine Forests Across North America
*S L MacKay, M A Arain, J J Brodeur, M Peichl
1100 B72A-03 CC 714B Evaluating Historic Carbon Budget in Temperate Pacific Northwestern Conifer Forest Landscape Using CN-CLASS Model
*B Chen, M A Arain, T A Black
1115 B72A-04 CC 714B Evapotranspiration and Water Use Efficiency of Canadian Forests and Wetlands
*C Bruemmer, T A Black, R Jassal, D L Spittlehouse, N J Grant, B Chen, Z Nesic
1130 B72A-05 CC 714B Spatial distributions of forest aboveground biomass and landscape dynamics associated with conservation status and ownership in New England, USA
*D Zheng, L S Heath, M J Ducey
1145 B72A-06 CC 714B Spatial Partitioning of CO2 Fluxes Based on Canopy Structure Within a Heterogeneous Managed Boreal Wetland Ecosystem
*L Chasmer, R Petrone, W Quinton, S Brown, C Hopkinson
1200 B72A-07 CC 714B Stochastic Soil Moisture Balance Modelling for Predicting Tree Mortality: A Case Study in Oilsands Reclamation.
*P A Moore, S K Carey

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