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1400 B73A CC Hall E Biogeosciences General Contributions Posters

Presiding: S Sebestyen, U.S. Forest Service; D Scott, Virginia Tech
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1400 B73A-01 CC Hall E Trace elements in bivalves from the Rio Cruces, Chile, trace watershed evolution after a major earthquake and challenge a postulated chemical spill from a pulp plant
*M Risk, M Burchell, R Nairn, M Tubrett, G Forsterra
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1400 B73A-02 CC Hall E Volcano-Sedimentary Hosted Diatomite Occurrences: Alayunt (Kutahya), West Anatolia, Turkey
*M Budakoglu, N Elmas, I Bentli, M Kumral, N Deniz
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1400 B73A-03 CC Hall E Platinum Element Group and Other Metal Element Variations at the Permo-Triassic Boundary in Kashmir and British Columbia and Their Significance
*M E Brookfield, G Schnellnutt, L Qi, R Hannigan, G M Bhat, P Wignall
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1400 B73A-04 CC Hall E Sediment Core Contaminant Profiling in Site Assessment: Implications for Atmospheric Deposition of Contaminants Versus Point Source Release
*A A Benson, M J Johnston, T Nelson, S Desrocher, B Bergquist, G F Slater
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1400 B73A-05 CC Hall E Active Growing of Siliceous Stromatolites in the Lake Specchio di Venere, Pantelleria Island, Central Mediterranean
*M Cangemi, A Bellanca, R Neri, L Hopkinson
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1400 B73A-06 CC Hall E Geomorphology and the Distribution of Plants
*M N Chase, E A Johnson
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1400 B73A-07 CC Hall E Unravelling the Impacts of Climate and People on Vegetation Dynamics in the Sahel 1982-2002
*J W Seaquist, T Hickler, L Eklundh, J Ardö, B W Heumann
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1400 B73A-08 CC Hall E The soil H2 uptake in a future hydrogen economy
*Y Cen, W Chan, N A Scott, D B Layzell
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1400 B73A-09 CC Hall E The Role of Cyanobacteria in CO2 Sequestration at Mine Sites
*I M Power, S A Wilson, G M Dipple, G Southam
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1400 B73A-10 CC Hall E Pore Water PAH Transport in Amended Sediment Caps
*P T Gidley, S Kwon, U Ghosh
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1400 B73A-11 CC Hall E Studies on Dechlorination of DDT with Alkaline 2-propanol and Iron-Nickel (Fe-Ni) Catalyst.
*A Shareef, S U Zaman
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1400 B73A-12 CC Hall E Modeling Bacteria Surface Acid-Base Properties: The Overprint Of Biology
*D R Amores, S Smith, L A Warren
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1400 B73A-13 CC Hall E Microbial Response in Peat Overlying Kimberlite Pipes in The Attawapiskat Area, Northern Ontario
*L J Donkervoort, G Southam
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1400 B73A-14 CC Hall E Refining global mapping of foliage clumping index and leaf area index with multi-angular POLDER 3 measurements: validation and topographic compensation
*J Pisek, J M Chen, R Lacaze, K Alikas
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1400 B73A-15 CC Hall E Bacterial and Fungal Activities of Northern Peatland Ecosystems
*C Winsborough, N Basiliko
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1400 B73A-16 CC Hall E Formations of Bacteria-like Textures by dynamic reactions in Meteorite and Syntheses
*Y Miura
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1400 B73A-17 CC Hall E Spatial and temporal dynamics of stream chemistry in a northern forest watershed.
*K B Piatek, S F Christopher, M J Mitchell
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1400 B73A-18 CC Hall E The Role of Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Aquatic Food Webs
*G Perhar, G B Arhonditsis
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1400 B73A-19 CC Hall E Watershed Management and Mercury Biogeochemical Cycling in Lake Zapotlan, Mexico
*E A Malczyk, B A Branfireun
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1400 B73A-20 CC Hall E Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Dynamics in Forested Catchments on the Precambrian Shield
*D N Kothawala, P J Dillon
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1400 B73A-21 CC Hall E Relationship Between Hydrologic Connectivity of Phosphorus Source Areas to Lakes and the Occurrence of Cyanobacteria in Forested Landscapes
*R J Sorichetti, I F Creed, C G Trick
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1400 B73A-22 CC Hall E Development Of Remote Sensing And GIS Based Information System For Village Level Planning A Case Study Of Addanki Mandal, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, India
*K Santosh, T V Lakshmi, M A Reddy
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