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1400 B73B CC Hall E Impacts of Drought, Fire, and Permafrost Change Within Natural Systems Posters

Presiding: J M Waddington, McMaster University; B Benscoter, University of Guelph; S Ewing, USGS
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1400 B73B-01 CC Hall E Investigating the Link Between Climate and Leptospirosis in the Caribbean Using Wavelet Analysis.
*T W Batchelor, D Amarakoon, M A Taylor, T Stephenson
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1400 B73B-02 CC Hall E Impact of Drying and Rewetting on Carbon Cycling in a Northern fen
*C Estop, C Blodau
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1400 B73B-03 CC Hall E Influence of Antecedent Soil Moisture Conditions and Substrate Quality on the Magnitude and Timing of N2O Emissions From Riparian Soil
*J L Owens, M L Macrae, R A Bourbonniere, R M Petrone, S L Schiff
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1400 B73B-04 CC Hall E Fractal Vegetative Landscapes and Resilience: Empirical Evidence from Fire-Prone Systems
*P F Hessburg Sr., N A Povak
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1400 B73B-05 CC Hall E Factors Affecting the Sensitivity of Permafrost to Climate Change
T Jorgenson, V Romanovsky, *J Harden, Y Shur, L Hinzman, S Marchenko, R Bolton, J O'Donnell
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1400 B73B-06 CC Hall E Seasonal Ice and Drainage Controls over Solute Chemistry in a Rich Boreal Fen: a Field Water Table Manipulation Experiment in Interior Alaska
*E S Kane, M R Turetsky, M Waddington, J W Harden, D McGuire
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1400 B73B-07 CC Hall E Human amplification of drought-induced biomass burning in Indonesia since 1960
*R D Field, G R van der Werf, S S Shen
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1400 B73B-08 CC Hall E GPR profiles of Saddle Mountain scoria deposits on Walker Lake Crater tuff ring in Arizona help understanding of geomorphological response to wildland fire
*B Martinez-Hackert, C Schwartz, K Williams
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1400 B73B-09 CC Hall E Anomalies of CO Global and Regional Burdens Measured by Satellites: Update to Present Time
*L N Yurganov, W McMillan, E I Grechko, A V Dzhola
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1400 B73B-10 CC Hall E Charcoal-Based Paleoecological Investigation of the Holocene Fire Regime of St. Lawrence Islands National Park, Southeastern Ontario
*S M Ellwood, D J Hallett, B F Cumming
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