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2009 Joint Assembly



Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 B73C CC 714B CarboNA: Continental Carbon Cycle Studies in North America I

Presiding: N Cavallaro, U.S. Department of Agriculture; A Muhlia, CIBNOR, S.C.; C Ste-Marie, Canadian Forest Service
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1405 B73C-01 CC 714B CarboNA: International Studies of the North American Carbon Cycle
*S Denning, N Cavallaro, C Ste-Marie, A Muhlia-Melo
1420 B73C-02 CC 714B Progress in Obtaining Regional Estimates of the Fluxes of CO2,CH4 and N2O
*R L Desjardins, M Mauder, P Elizabeth, D Worth, R Srinivasan, W Smith, B Grant
1445 B73C-03 CC 714B A New U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan
*A M Michalak, R Jackson, G Marland, C Sabine
1500 B73C-04 CC 714B A model inter-comparison study of forest growth on two coastal and boreal forest landscapes in Canada
*P Y Bernier, Z Wang, R F Grant, A Arain, B Chen, J Chen, N Coops, A Govind, L Guindon, R Hember, W A Kurz, C Peng, D T Price, G Stinson, J Sun, J A Trofymow
1515 B73C-05 CC 714B Carbon in Mexican Ecosystems
*J Etchevers, B de Jong, C Cruz, F Paz, F Garcias
1530 B73C-06 CC 714B The Role of Disturbance in the North American Terrestrial Carbon Budget: A Synthesis Activity
*E S Kasischke
1545 B73C-07 CC 714B Mapping and Aging Forest Disturbances for the United States between 1990 and 2000
*L He, J M Chen, S Zhang, G Gomez, R Birdsey, Y Pan, K McCullough, J Holm, Z Zhu

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