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Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 B74A CC 714B CarboNA: Continental Carbon Cycle Studies in North America II

Presiding: N Cavallaro, U.S. Department of Agriculture; A Muhlia, CIBNOR, S.C.; C Ste-Marie, Canadian Forest Service
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1630 B74A-01 CC 714B CO2 Isotopes and Elemental Carbon Measurements in air Samples at Canadian Baseline Stations: Can Human Impacts on Atmospheric CO2 be Detected and Quantified via an Integrated Approach?
*L Huang, W Zhang, S Sharma, D Chan, M Ishizawa, D Worthy, P Tans, C Sweeney, J Brook, T Chan, R Leaitch
1645 B74A-02 CC 714B North American Land Change Monitoring System: Current Status and Future Development
*D Pouliot, C Homer, R Ressl, F Takaki, C Meneses, R Latifovic, C Giri, R Colditz, F Jimenez, R Orozco, N Hossain, G Lopez, R Palafox, P Díaz
1700 B74A-03 CC 714B Remote Sensing of Vegetation Nitrogen Content for Spatially Explicit Carbon and Water Cycle Estimation
*Y L Zhang, J R Miller, J M Chen
1715 B74A-04 CC 714B Small-Scale Temporal and Spatial Variability in Regional-Scale CO2 Mixing Ratio Measurements
*E Crosson, K D Corbin, K J Davis, S Denning, E Y Lokupitiya, N Miles, S Richardson
1730 B74A-05 CC 714B Patterns of δ13C in a woody shrub distributed along a topoedaphic gradient in burned and grazed grassland
*J B Nippert, T Ocheltree, A Skibbe, J M Briggs
1745 B74A-06 CC 714B Prospects for the Regional Assessment of Aboveground Carbon Stocks of Northern Forests Using the ICESAT-GLAS Spaceborne Sensor
*H A Margolis, R F Nelson, J Boudreau, M Wulder, H E Andersen, A Beaudoin, L Guindon
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1800 B74A-07 CC 714B Carbon flux simulation and data assimilation in North America forest ecosystems
J Sun, X Zhuo, B St-Onge, *H McCaughey, F Berninger, C Peng
1815 B74A-08 CC 714B Nested Inversion of the North America Carbon Flux with Forest Stand Age Constraint
*F Deng, J M Chen, G Mo, Y Pan, R Birdsey, K McCullough, W Peters, M Krol, J Xiao

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