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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Monday Morning 1

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0800 CG11A CC Hall E Canadian Geophysical Union General Contributions Posters

Presiding: R Blais, University of Calgary; M Elhabiby, University of Calgary
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0800 CG11A
CC Hall E Canadian Arctic And Prairie Ground Heat Flux During The Recent Warm Period As Derived From Single And Repeated Well Temperature Logs
*J Majorowicz, W Skinner, J Safanda
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0800 CG11A
CC Hall E Shallow Geothermal Energy Content Across Canada - Heat Gain And Heat Sink
*J Majorowicz, S Grasby, W Skinner
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0800 CG11A-01 CC Hall E Modelling Glacier Surface Temperature Using Weather Station Data and Historical Climate Reconstructions
*N Schaffer, S J Marshall
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0800 CG11A-02 CC Hall E Electromagnetic Land Surface Classification by Integrated Multi-Spectral and Polarized Radar Remote Sensing Data
*J Baek, J Kim, X Wang, G Lim, J Jeon
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0800 CG11A-03 CC Hall E Drought Impact Characterization for the Canadian Prairie Using Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Models
*S Wang, Y Yang, A Trishchenko, Y Luo, X Geng
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0800 CG11A-04 CC Hall E Volcano Instability Induced by Resurgence at the Ischia Island Caldera (Italy), and the Tsunamigenic Potential of the Related Debris Avalanche Deposits: a Complex Source of Hazard at Land-sea Interface
*S Tinti, F Zaniboni, G Pagnoni, E Marotta, M Della Seta, S de Vita, G Orsi, F Sansivero, P Fredi
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0800 CG11A-05 CC Hall E Geologic Subsidence in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California, and its Implications for Risk Assessment
*K L Verosub, I Delusina, R J Shlemon
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0800 CG11A-06 CC Hall E Seabed Doming: a Precursor to Pockmark Formation?
*M A Barry, B Johnson
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0800 CG11A-07 CC Hall E Landslide-Generated Tsunami Hazards in Fiordland, New Zealand and Norway
*J L Dykstra
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