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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Monday Morning 1

Time Session Location Title
0800 CG11B CC 701A What Is Biogeoscience? (joint with A, B, GC, H, OS, PP)
Presiding: E A Johnson, University of Calgary; B Eaton, University of British Columbia
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0805 CG11B-01 CC 701A Tree Throw, Soil Production, and Disturbance Ecology: A Model Illustrating a Coupling Between the Geosphere and the Biosphere
*E J Gabet, S M Mudd
INVITED    [Abstract]
0825 CG11B-02 CC 701A Eco-Hydrology From Space: How Satellites Can Be Harnessed To Assess Human Impacts On The Trophic Status Of Lakes In Forested Landscapes
G Z Sass, *I F Creed, Y T Prairie
0845 CG11B-03 CC 701A Wildfires, mountain pine beetle and large-scale climate in Northern North America.
*M Macias Fauria, E A Johnson
0905 CG11B-04 CC 701A Foredune Vegetation Variability, Gulf County, Florida
*M Bitton, P Hesp
0925 CG11B-05 CC 701A An Estimation of the Lagrangian Length Scale Within a Plant Canopy
*S E Brown, J Warland, E Santos, C Wagner-Riddle, M Wilton

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