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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Monday Morning 2

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1030 CG12A CC 701A Advances in Cold Regions Hydrology I (joint with H, C)
Presiding: J W Pomeroy, University of Saskatchewan; D Marks, USDA-ARS
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1030 CG12A-01 CC 701A Characteristics of Heat and Water Budget of two Arctic Permafrost Sites: Dominant Processes and Observed Changes
*J Boike, R W Bolton, N Bornemann, B Kattenstroth, M Langer, S Muster, K Piel, T Sachs, G Stoof, S Westermann
INVITED    [Abstract]
1045 CG12A-02 CC 701A Observational Evidence of an Intensifying Hydrological Cycle in Northern Canada
*S J Déry, M A Hernández-Henríquez, T J Mlynowski, J E Burford, E F Wood
1100 CG12A-03 CC 701A Permafrost Melt in the Wetland-Dominated Zone of Discontinuous Permafrost - Implications for Basin Runoff
*W L Quinton, M Hayashi, L Chasmer, C Hopkinson
1115 CG12A-04 CC 701A Comparison and Analysis of 30-year NCEP/NLDAS Products for the Winter Season
*Y Xia, M Ek, B Livneh, D Lettenmaier, E Wood, L Luo, J Sheffield, B Cosgrove, D Mocko, J Meng, H Wei, P Restrepo, J Schaake
1130 CG12A-05 CC 701A Spatiotemporal Interaction of Near-Surface Soil Moisture Content and Frost Table Depth in a Discontinuous Permafrost Environment
*X Guan, C Spence, C J Westbrook
1145 CG12A-06 CC 701A Investigating groundwater flow and storage within a proglacial moraine in the Canadian Rockies using multiple geophysical methods
*A F McClymont, J Roy, M Hayashi, L Bentley, G Langston, E Kruschell
1200 CG12A-07 CC 701A Development of the MESH hydrological model in two Canadian arctic basins
*F Seglenieks, E Soulis, B Quinton, M Hayashi, C Spence

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