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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Monday Afternoon 2

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1630 CG14A CC 701A Recent Advances and Breakthroughs in the Use of Stable Water Isotopes as Tracers of Climate and Climate-Driven Hydrologic Change (joint with IN, GC, H, OS, PP)
Presiding: T W Edwards, University of Waterloo; S J Birks, Alberta Research Council; T A Stadnyk, University of Manitoba
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1633 CG14A-01 CC 701A Trends of Stable Isotopes in Precipitation Over Switzerland and Their Relation to Recent Climate Variability
*U Schotterer, T W Edwards
1646 CG14A-02 CC 701A Isotope climatology of Canada: Insights from the first decade of CNIP operation (1997-2007)
*S J Birks, T W Edwards, N C Biswas, J J Gibson, R J Drimmie, F Michel, D McTavish
1659 CG14A-03 CC 701A A GCM partitioning of controls on the stable isotope composition of precipitation
*R D Field, G A Schmidt, G K Moore
1712 CG14A-04 CC 701A Mesoscale Model Validation using Stable Water Isotopes: The isoWATFLOOD Model
*T Stadnyk, N Kouwen, T Edwards, J Gibson, A Pietroniro
1725 CG14A-05 CC 701A Towards Simulating Mesoscale Climate Change using an RCM-driven Hydrological Model: Coupling REMOiso and isoWATFLOOD in the Mackenzie River Basin.
*C Delavau, T Stadnyk, J Gibson, C Sturm, N Kouwen, F Seglenieks
1738 CG14A-06 CC 701A Isotope mass balance techniques for determining site-specific estimates of water yield: Results from regional acid sensitivity surveys across western Canada
*J J Gibson, S J Birks
1751 CG14A-07 CC 701A Stable water isotope surveys of the Mackenzie River between Great Slave Lake and the Mackenzie River Delta
*Y Yi, J J Gibson, J Hélie, T Dick
1804 CG14A-08 CC 701A Landscape-scale assessment of multi-year lakewater balances in the Slave River Delta, NWT
*B E Brock, Y Yi, T W Edwards, B B Wolfe
1817 CG14A-09 CC 701A Vapour-Phase Processes Control Liquid-Phase Isotope Profiles in Unsaturated Sphagnum Moss
*T W Edwards, Y Yi, J S Price, P N Whittington

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