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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Tuesday Morning 1

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0800 CG21B CC 701A Recent Advances in the Scientific Basis of Water Resources Management (joint with H)
Presiding: R Hooper, CUASHI; J Friddell, University of Saskatchewan
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0805 CG21B-01 CC 701A The Report of the Expert Panel on the Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Canada: The Council of Canadian Academies
*J P Bruce
INVITED    [Abstract]
0825 CG21B-02 CC 701A General Trends of Groundwater Renewal in North America and Scandinavia
*L Marklund, A Worman
0840 CG21B-03 CC 701A Evaporation From Lake Superior
*C Spence, P Blanken, N Hedstrom, G Leshkevich, V Fortin, D Charpentier, H Haywood
0855 CG21B-04 CC 701A Response of River Discharge to Changing Climate Over the Past Millennium in the Upper Mackenzie Basin: Implications for Water Resource Management
*B B Wolfe, R I Hall, T W Edwards, S R Jarvis, R N Sinnatamby, Y YI, J W Johnston
0910 CG21B-05 CC 701A Advancing Water Science through Data Sharing
*R P Hooper, D R Maidment, D G Tarboton, I Zaslavksy
0925 CG21B-06 CC 701A Estimation of Hydrologic Components of a Watershed With a coupled Hydro-Climatic Model : the CRCM and its Application Over Some Catchment Basins in Québec
*A Musy, A Frigon, M Slivitzky, R Turcotte
INVITED    [Abstract]
0945 CG21B-07 CC 701A Hydrologic modelling for climate change impacts analysis of shifts in future hydrologic regimes: implications for stream temperature and salmon habitat
*K E Bennett, A T Werner, M Schnorbus, E P Salathé Jr.M Nelitz

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