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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 CG24A CC 713A Elastic and Inelastic Properties of Earth Materials Under High P-T Conditions (joint with MA, S, DI, T)
Presiding: D Schmitt, University of Alberta; H J Mueller, German Research Centre for Geosciences; M H Manghnani, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics & Planetology
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1634 CG24A-01 CC 713A Indoor vs Outdoor Geophysics
*R C Liebermann
INVITED    [Abstract]
1654 CG24A-02 CC 713A Geophysics Studies With High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy
*W Sturhahn
INVITED    [Abstract]
1707 CG24A-03 CC 713A Toward a self-consistent pressure scale: elastic moduli and equation of state of MgO and Ringwoodite by simultaneous x-ray density and Brillouin sound velocity measurements at high-pressure high-temperature conditions
*S Sinogeikin, D Lakshtanov, V Prakapenka, C Sanchez-Valle, J Wang, G Shen, J Bass
INVITED    [Abstract]
1720 CG24A-04 CC 713A Seismic velocities and anisotropy in subducting slabs: Constrains from high pressure Brillouin scattering studies on hydrous phases
*C Sanchez-Valle
INVITED    [Abstract]
1733 CG24A-05 CC 713A Experimental and Other Estimates of Outer Core Viscosity
*R Secco, X Yu
INVITED    [Abstract]
1746 CG24A-06 CC 713A Viscosity of Earth's Outer Core
*D E Smylie, V V Brazhkin, A Palmer
1757 CG24A-07 CC 713A Compressional Wave Velocities and Structure of Fe-Ni-Si and Fe-Ni-S Melts to 1650°C
*M H Manghnani, S S Fu, R A Secco, M Newville
1808 CG24A-08 CC 713A Experimental Reflection and Transmission Studies on Water Loaded Plates: Application to Measurement of the Biot Slow Wave
Y Bouzidi, *D R Schmitt
1819 CG24A-09 CC 713A Ultrasonic Measurements and Multi-Anvil Devices
*H J Mueller, J Lauterjung, F R Schilling, C Lathe, M Wehber

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