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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Tuesday Afternoon 2

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1630 CG24B CC 701A Thirty Years of Riparian Zone Hydrology and Biogeochemistry Research: Lessons Learned and Future Research Needs (joint with B, H)
Presiding: K Devito, University of Alberta; P Vidon, Indiana University-Purdue University
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1630 CG24B-01 CC 701A Nitrate Removal in Stream Riparian Zones: The Last Fifteen Years
*T P Duval
INVITED    [Abstract]
1650 CG24B-02 CC 701A Water Table Dynamics of a Rocky Mountain Riparian Area
*C J Westbrook
1705 CG24B-03 CC 701A Stream-Aquifer Exchange of Water and Nitrogen Along a Beaver-Dammed Stream Draining a Rocky Mountain Valley
*E L Shaw, C J Westbrook
1720 CG24B-04 CC 701A Generalizing riparian hydrologic function in a heterogeneous landscape, Western Boreal Plain, Alberta, Canada.
*K Devito, S Brown, M Hairabedian, S M Landhäusser, C A Mendoza, R Petrone, R Redding, J Riddell, U Silins, B Smerdon, J Snedden
1735 CG24B-05 CC 701A Assessing the Importance of Hot and Cold Phenomena in Riparian Zones at the Watershed Scale
*P Vidon, C Allan, M E Baker, P Jacinthe
INVITED    [Abstract]
1755 CG24B-06 CC 701A Nitrate Dynamics In Stream Riparian Zones: Some Gaps In Current Knowledge
*A R Hill
INVITED    [Abstract]

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