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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Wednesday Morning 1

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0800 CG31A CC 701A Drought: Observations, Theories, and Predictions (joint with GA, A, IN, ED, GC, H, NG, OS, PP, C)
Presiding: K Szeto, Environment Canada; K Snelgrove, Memorial University of Newfoundland; J P Verdin, USGS/NOAA
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0800 CG31A-01 CC 701A Canadian Drought Research and its Contributions to Sustainable Development in Western Canada
*R G Lawford, R Stewart
INVITED    [Abstract]
0815 CG31A-02 CC 701A Drought Impact Characterization for the Canadian Prairie Using Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Models
*S Wang, Y Yang, A Trishchenko, Y Luo, X Geng
0830 CG31A-03 CC 701A The Association between the Standardized Precipitation Index and Interannual and Interdecadal Oscillations Over Canada
*A Shabbar
0845 CG31A-04 CC 701A NCEP/NLDAS Drought Monitoring and Prediction
*Y Xia, M Ek, E Wood, L Luo, J Sheffield, D Lettenmaier, B Livneh, B Cosgrove, D Mocko, J Meng, H Wei, P Restrepo, J Schaake, K Mo
0900 CG31A-05 CC 701A Spatial Variability of Actual Evapotranspiration Across the Canadian Prairies During Drought
*R N Armstrong, J W Pomeroy, L W Martz
0915 CG31A-06 CC 701A Utilizing a Multi-sensor Satellite Time Series in Real-time Drought Monitoring Across the United States
*J F Brown, T Miura, Y Gu, C Jenkerson, B Wardlow
0930 CG31A-07 CC 701A Estimating probabilistic rainfall and food security outcomes for eastern and southern Africa
*J Verdin, C Funk, M Dettinger, M Brown
0945 CG31A-08 CC 701A Impacts of Regional Scale Climate Variability on the Occurrence and Severity of Drought Events
*V Mishra, K A Cherkauer

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