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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Sunday Morning 2

Time Session Location Title
1030 CG72A CC 715B Advanced Geocomputations and Applications (joint with IN, G)
Presiding: R Blais, University of Calgary; M Elhabiby, University of Calgary
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1035 CG72A-01 CC 715B Distributed Geocomputations and Web Collaboration
*J Blais
1050 CG72A-02 CC 715B 3-D Finite-Element Modelling of Magnetotelluric Data With a Static Divergence Correction
*C G Farquharson
1105 CG72A-03 CC 715B The Role of Multi-Dimensional Wavelet Approximation in Geodetic Applications: De-Noising, Compression and Analysis Tool
*M Elhabiby, M G Sideris, N El-Sheimy
1120 CG72A-04 CC 715B The Singular Spectrum Analysis Approach in the Analysis of Weekly GRACE and Hydrology Models Water Mass Anomalies Information
*E Rangelova, J W Kim
1135 CG72A-05 CC 715B On Monte Carlo Methods and Applications in Geoscience
*Z Zhang, J Blais
1150 CG72A-06 CC 715B Evaluation of Interpolators for Void Filling of Geophysical data sets
*S Taghvakish, A Braun
1205 CG72A-07 CC 715B The use of Wavelets in GPS Error Analysis with Emphasis to Singularity Detection and Multipath Removal.
*A El-Ghazouly, M Elhabiby, N El-Sheimy

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