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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Sunday Afternoon 1

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1400 CG73B CC 715B Lithospheric Evolution of the Hudson Bay Region (joint with GA, G, S, T)
Presiding: D Eaton, University of Calgary; I Bastow, University of Bristol
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1400 CG73B-01 CC 715B Lithospheric Architecture of the Hudson Bay Region
*D Eaton, F Darbyshire
1415 CG73B-02 CC 715B Geological Setting and Petroleum Potential of the Paleozoic Hudson Platform, Northern Canada
*J Dietrich, T Hamblin, D Lavoie, M Duchesne, P Lajeunesse, Z Zhang
INVITED    [Abstract]
1445 CG73B-03 CC 715B Sea Level and Paleoenvironment Control on Late Ordovician Source Rocks, Hudson Bay Basin, Canada
*S Zhang, J Hefter
1500 CG73B-04 CC 715B Mantle Lithosphere Structures of the Hudson Bay Region as Defined by Seismic Anisotropy
*D B Snyder
INVITED    [Abstract]
1530 CG73B-05 CC 715B HuBLE-UK, the Hudson Bay Lithospheric Experiment: Insights into the formation of the Canadian Shield From Seismic Tomography and Shear Wave Splitting
*I D Bastow, J Kendall, G Helffrich, J Wookey, D Snyder, D Eaton, D Thompson, F Darbyshire
1545 CG73B-06 CC 715B Upper Mantle Structure and Azimuthal Anisotropy Beneath Hudson Bay From Rayleigh Wave Tomography
*F Darbyshire

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