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2009 Joint Assembly

Canadian Geophysical Union


Sunday Afternoon 2

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1630 CG74A CC 701A Binational Principles and Practices of Stream and Ecosystem Restoration (joint with B, H)
Presiding: S Bennett, University at Buffalo; P Ashmore, The University of Western Ontario; J Desloges, University of Toronto
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1630 CG74A-01 CC 701A Geomorphic and hydrodynamic responses of experimental alluvial channels to rigid vegetation
*S J Bennett
1642 CG74A-02 CC 701A The Effects of Vegetation on Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows Revealed through LES
*V S Neary
1654 CG74A-03 CC 701A Assessing Success of Instream Structures for Salmonid Stream Restoration
*S Whiteway, P Biron
1706 CG74A-04 CC 701A DEM Mapping of Stream Power for Southern Ontario Streams
*M Ferencevic, P Ashmore
1718 CG74A-05 CC 701A Productive Capacity of Semi-Alluvial Streams in Ontario: The Importance of Alluvial Material for Fish, Benthic Invertebrates, Periphyton and Organic Matter.
*S J Quesnelle, N E Jones
1730 CG74A-06 CC 701A Tightening the River Meander-Belt: Application of a Topographic Erodible Corridor Concept Using DEM Raster Analysis. A Case Study of Highland Creek, Ontario.
*R T Phillips
1742 CG74A-07 CC 701A Developing a Master Plan for Restoring/Stabilizing an Urban Watercourse: Highland Creek
*M T Pushkar, B HIndley, R T Phillips, B Snodgrass
1754 CG74A-08 CC 701A Stream Corridor Lowering for Servicing: Considerations and Approaches to Natural Channel Design in Southern Ontario, Canada
*P V Villard
1806 CG74A-09 CC 701A Coupling Stream Restoration and Environmental Flow Initiatives
*A Bradford
1818 CG74A-10 CC 701A Interdisciplinary education, research, and training for ecosystem restoration
*A J Rabideau
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